All about in-app purchases

We may offer certain products that cost real-life money (in-app purchases) – this helps us keep the lights on at Smallman Interactive and makes it possible for us to expand the experiences you love. Because we’re committed to fairness, none of these products provide any form of unfair in-game competitive advantage for paying customers.

If you choose to confirm an in-app purchase, you’ll be prompted to pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card. We work with Stripe, a globally accredited and trustworthy payment processing company. Only they can see your full payment information.

Saving payment methods to your Smallman account

You can optionally choose to save your payment details to your Smallman account for faster payments later on – if you do this, we’ll safely have your information encrypted and stored in Stripe’s bank-grade database.

If you save one or more payment methods to your Smallman account, you’ll be prompted to add a phone number that can accept SMS. This is so we can send you a verification text next time you pay – keeping your money safe even if your account gets compromised. To confirm a payment, you’ll need to enter a one-time 6-digit code sent to you via an SMS message.

Handling an unauthorized payment

If you see any unrecognized charges from SMALLMAN, STRIPE* SMALLMAN, PAYPAL* SMALLMAN, or PP* SMALLMAN on your credit/debit card or bank statement, contact us immediately at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help. In general, we can provide you with a refund if you didn’t consent to a payment.

Even if you or an unauthorized user paid using a saved payment method, you’re still eligible for any purchase protection provided by your credit card or PayPal.

Please note that if you are given a refund, we will revoke any products and/or services provided to you in return for your original payment.