Signing in on the web

It’s easy to use your game account to sign in on our official websites. When you’re prompted to sign in, choose the platform you play on, then sign in with your account on that platform. Don’t worry – we can never see your password.

Minecraft/Microsoft/Xbox login

To sign in with your Minecraft account, you’ll have to sign in with the associated Microsoft or Xbox account. Make sure to sign in using the same account you use to play Minecraft. If you use a Mojang Studios account to sign in to Minecraft, you’ll need to migrate it to a Microsoft account to access web features on Smallman.

Using this feature safely

When signing in on the web, make sure the platform select prompt is displayed at one of these domains:


Remember: when you’re signing in with your game account, you’ll see the official URL of the platform you’re signing in with in the address bar. For example, if you sign in with Microsoft/Xbox, you’ll see,, or

Keep in mind that you will never be prompted to re-enter your password outside of the actual login form. Smallman Interactive staff members will NEVER ask to see your password. If we have any problems with your account, we’ll either reach out to you in-game or via an official email address that ends in